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Bridge the Art & Science of Horticulture with the Industry's Leading LEDs


Revolutionizing the horticulture lighting industry, our LED lighting solutions confidently stand out among competitors when it comes to design, technology, energy efficiency and service.

See what makes us different, and how you can benefit from our world-class LED lighting systems.

From Home Cultivation to the Nation’s Largest Indoor Commercial Horticulture Operations

The Evolve Series can be customized to fit the needs of virtually any cannabis or indoor horticulture operation. We offer wattages ranging from 155 to 1050, as well as custom options for framing, spectrum, voltage and dimming. Unsure what’s best for your grow? We can help with that too.

Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Food Production that Rivals Mother Nature

The Elevate Series is specially designed to maximize vegetative plant growth in a highly energy-efficient package. It’s ideal for food crops such as leafy greens and herbs, and it’s perfectly suited for developing early-stage plants prior to the bloom cycle.

Customer Reviews

"ProGrowTech was introduced into a room where an increase in yield and potency was seen in all strains, even those that have traditionally been more challenging to grow."

- Mike, High Mountain Health

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