Expertly bridge the science and art of commercial horticulture

Revolutionizing the horticulture lighting industry, we confidently stand out among competitors when it comes to design, technology and service.

The Evolve Series is commercial-grade, next-generation lighting with a rugged industrial design, industry-leading uniformity and world-class efficiency. It boasts full on-board dimming and spectral tuning capabilities, as well as wireless-based automated and scheduling software coming in 2018.

What Makes ProGrowTech Different?

  • We offer commercial growers a new way to light their operations – helping them double their canopy space within existing amperage thresholds.
  • Our lighting systems cut utility bills in half while delivering 25% more light to the plant canopy than the most powerful, double-ended HPS.
  • We give commercial growers flawless uniformity, the greatest control variables and smart software solutions.