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Spectrum matters!

There has been a lot of talk over the years in the horticulture lighting industry about light spectrum, and whether there is an ideal spectrum, or whether light spectrum really matters much at all. After extensive research and experience with many different light sources and adjusted light spectra, two things are clear. 1.) Spectrum matters. 2.) There is no “perfect” spectrum.
The reality is that different light intensities and spectra are desirable depending on the plant variety and species you are working with, and what your desired outcomes are. Different colors of light will trigger different responses in plants depending on the stage of their growth cycle.

For example, plant stretch for flowering varieties can be dramatically influenced in the vegetative and early flowering phases depending on the color temperature of the light that the plant is receiving. This is an incredibly powerful tool for indoor farming, especially vertical farming, because maximizing yield and assuring crop consistently and plant health often depends on having appropriate inter-nodal spacing or plant stretch coming into the flowering phase.

All kinds of plant responses, including influencing color and flavor of food crops, stimulating trichome and terpene production in cannabis plants, and shortening certain crop cycles are possible through the manipulation and adjustment of color temperature of light spectra.

In addition to world-class efficiency and rugged industrial design, ProGrowTech fixtures feature advanced controls for dimming and spectral control to take advantage of these characteristics. Our client farmers have seen dramatic results through spectral adjustment, and we would love to work with you on bringing our advanced technology to your garden.


Happy growing!