Waterproofing: Inside the IP66 Certification

IP66 Certified Waterproofing can put your mind at ease

Lighting your harvest shouldn’t be stressful. There’s nothing as time consuming and exhausting as wondering if something could go wrong. That is why ProGrowTech has developed lighting systems that put your mind at ease.

One aspect that comforts the biggest worriers: our IP66 waterproofing certification. With this certification, the cultivator can have the confidence that their lighting systems are protected from mist, wayward watering leaks or even a flood – all while reducing electrical hazards.

The IP66 Certification: You, your crop, and that worst-case scenario 

Waterproof alone can mean many things. Some cellphones boast the “waterproof” label, but we all know most phones won’t survive being fully immersed in water. A submarine is technically waterproof as well. You get the idea: this single word cannot satisfy the full range of products. It has, typically, become a marketing term with little meaning. A smart consumer will understand a certification system is required to fully understand what level of water a product can withstand.

So, what does the IP66 Certification mean exactly? IP Ratings were developed to define the level of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures from dust, dirt, or water. This rating is important to pay attention to when you are prioritizing product safety and longevity.

An IP65 enclosure—the lowest IP rating—will protect an electrical system against water jets from a common hose. As you move up ratings, the amount of water and pressure increases considerably. At IP66, an electrical system is protected against heavy seas and powerful jets of water. In other words, the ProGrowTech lights are truly protected against a deluge of water.

At ProGrowTech, safety and effectiveness is a priority and that’s why an IP66 Certification is important to us.