Spectral Tuning, Cooler Operating Temperatures Increase Quality, Quantity of Harvest

So, you want to increase your harvest, keep quality and potency, and not create more work for yourself? With an increasing demand for quality cannabis, the first hurdle for many growers is simply producing enough flower to meet this need.

This might seem impossible — but you’re in luck. With improvements in LED lighting technology in recent years, growers will begin to see improvements in their harvests almost immediately. LEDs are able to deliver what your plants need to thrive.

There are a few ways that LED lights can improve a harvest and increase yields.

  1. LED lights are able to produce a full spectrum of light — the closest thing to natural sunlight. Cannabis plants need different types of light throughout their growth. This is true for many other plants as well; plants are only able to photosynthesize certain types of light at different stages in their lifecycle. For example, most blue and white LED lights are ideal for cannabis in their earliest, vegetative stage. As they mature, they often need more red light. A 2008 study revealed spectral qualities can have a dramatic effect on plant growth, including crop anatomy and nutrient uptake.

    These small adjustments are easily made with ProGrowTech LED lights. When you’re providing the appropriate light spectrums, your plants will grow faster and be healthier.

  2. LED lights run cool. This provides immense benefit in ensuring your plants are getting enough light. Growers often like to move LED lights closer to the plants than they would with conventional lighting options. At a closer range, the light is able to reach the full plant; the photons are focused directly on the plant. With this, little energy is wasted and the plant is not at risk of being burned.

    In the long run, the plants will require less water. Lower temperatures equal less evaporation — you’ll be saving two precious resources by switching over to LEDs.

  3. Evidence suggests that providing plants with the full spectrum of light given off by LED lights may result in a healthier crop altogether. There is the possibility for the wavelengths to be adjusted to be inhospitable for certain types of fungi or insect. Over time, this is a definite advantage.

The adaptability of LED lights to fit the individual grower’s needs is part of the reason they are one of the best tools to enhance any harvest. As research progresses, growers will be offered insight on how to best suit their plants’ needs. Switching to LED lights gives you a measured advantage. Give your crop the boost it needs with the best lighting on the market.