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LED Installation is More Affordable Than Ever – And Will Save You Serious Money Over Time

Most times, the biggest concern with upgrading your lighting fixtures to LEDs is the cost. And, this is understandable. Some estimates place LED lighting at five times more expensive than their HPS (high pressure sodium) counterparts. While the price of LEDs has dropped over time, they are still an investment. We are here to tell you why this investment is absolutely worth every penny — and why LED lights are actually more affordable than ever.

More Efficient with Every Use

You probably already know this, but LED lights are much more energy efficient than conventional lighting options. If you need a quick refresher: LED lights use a fraction of the electricity that other bulbs use and last much longer. ProGrowTech lights are built with stability and reliability in mind—reap the benefits from our lights for years. Additionally, they run cool and won’t heat up your grow room, meaning less evaporation and watering. This efficiency alone is a good reason to invest.

Because of this efficiency, you’ll be saving money on electricity from the get-go. These utility bills add up over time—installing LED lights will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Leasing Lights for Peace of Mind

We are also proud to offer our customers a competitive and affordable leasing program for our lights. Our Grow Light Lease is our most popular option, and understandably so. With this lease, you’ll get to choose what lights you want for your grow facility. Then, we apply for a wide range of energy rebates. Finally, we buy the lights for you. At the end of a 36-month lease, you have the option to purchase the lights for only $1.

This is almost too good to be true, but it gets better. LED lights may qualify for tax deductions to reduce your 280E tax burden.

Get Cash Back

Many utility companies offer an energy rebate when you install LED lighting. This is great—but there is often some time between purchasing the lights and receiving your rebate check. For a new business, this financing gap can be hard to manage. That’s why we have partnered with Seinergy LLC to help with rebate financing. With Seinergy, your rebate may be used as collateral while you get your grow off the ground.

Seinergy makes purchasing LED lights easier than ever, and more affordable than other options.

Some Insider Tips

  • Get familiarized with your options. Our company offers a full range of effective, full spectrum lighting options. Each option is ideal for different grow phases and facility layout. We are more than happy to provide advice based on your individual needs.
  • Be smart about financing. We recommend getting pre-approved for energy rebates before even purchasing lights.
  • Ask questions. Our team at ProGrowTech is extremely knowledgeable in all things related to lighting and horticulture. We are happy to provide assistance through each step, from the time you first purchase lights, to when you are a full-fledged grow facility. We are happy to provide assistance through each step of the way, with attentive 1:1 support and consulting.