Vertical Racking Leads to Bigger Harvests

Have you ever seen a towering city skyline and wondered why people tend to build up rather than out? A whole range of possibilities open up when we start to think in terms of cubic feet rather than square feet. Tall skyscrapers may house anything from apartments, offices, grocery stores and gyms—all in one building. It’s all about smart design to mitigate high density areas.

The concept of building vertically goes beyond cities—it’s applicable to agriculture, too. Your grow shouldn’t be an exception. Sometimes, the empty area above our heads is forgotten, but it’s absolutely possible to take advantage of this previously wasted space. This is exactly why vertical racking is the future of cannabis horticulture across the globe.

The Up and Up

So you have your grow facility ready to go. Now the real challenge is producing enough product to keep customers coming back. A huge question facing many businesses is how to grow enough quality product to meet the demand of their customer base, especially as this demand grows. How can businesses accomplish this without facing huge labor costs, or upgrading to a larger space?

One of the best ways to immediately boost your harvest yield is vertically racking your crops. This efficient crop layout maximizes the benefit of the space available to you; this is especially advantageous for states only permitting cannabis grown indoors, or cultivators with limited square footage. As the cannabis industry has grown in the U.S., the cost of appropriate facilities for large indoor crops has increased. This only makes intelligently using the space more important to a successful business.

Vertically racking your crops looks a little like a leafy green skyscraper. There are multiple tiers, each with space for the plants to thrive. Even better, with efficient LED lights, each plant receives an equal and appropriate amount of light. This multilevel approach allows for more seedlings to grow together, resulting in doubling or tripling your harvest.


Thinking Vertically with ProGrowTech

Our company is diligently working with many businesses to help install vertically racked systems. If vertical racking sounds like the ideal setup for your grow, we are happy to assist in all phases of design and deployment.

There are a few reasons why ProGrowTech lights are ideal for the vertically racked crop:

  • Our lights are all designed with vertical racking in mind. This means they are easily incorporated into spaces where efficacy is a priority.
  • We pride ourselves on the uniformity our lighting fixtures delivers—in this regard, they’re currently some of the best on the market. This even light disbursement is necessary for a vertically racked system, while encouraging healthy, consistent growth across the plant canopy.
  • Efficient LED lights mean happier plants while still maintaining affordability. These bulbs are appropriate for all stages of plant growth.

A Bright Future

While vertically racking crops isn’t new, it has only recently grown in popularity among the cannabis cultivating community. This is because HPS lights are not suited to this design—they’re not able to provide the proper uniform light that LEDs are able to. With LED lighting technology rapidly advancing, vertical racking in the cannabis community has become a reality. Now, cannabis cultivators are able to take advantage of this intelligent design.

This layout allows for more plants in smaller spaces without a huge price increase. Furthermore, utilizing vertical space means higher yields, and, hopefully, more happy customers.