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Case Study: Litmus Test for Advanced LED Lighting Boosts Yield While Reducing Costs for High Mountain Health

High Mountain Health (HMH) is a leading cannabis grower and dispensary faced with a common challenge:  grow consistent, high-quality crops while managing energy costs.

As a step forward, HMH switched to the higher quality, state-of-the-art Evolve Series LED lighting systems from ProGrowTech that promised to increase profitability and provide the greater control of the grow environment.

The Challenge

HMH faced challenges in generating high-yield, high-quality harvests while reducing long-term costs and increasing energy efficiency:

  • Growing several complex strains in a series of 12 bloom rooms, averaging 72 plants under 12 lights
  • Differing growth variables per room
  • Heavy reliance on high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting

 With growth challenges on a number of different strains, the team identified the dated HPS and existing LED systems as the culprits with significant spectrum limitations, making a huge impact on growth potential and energy consumption.

The Solution

HMH upgraded LED technology to ProGrowTech’s EV700, a bloom phase fixture within the highly popular Evolve Series. With enough intensity to maximize yields for the heartiest sativa strains, the industrial-grade fixture is ideal for the flowering phase, and backed by scientific research.

  • Industry-leading efficiency rating of 2.1 μmol/j
  • 700W max power (savings of 300W+ over leading HPS solutions)
  • Flawless uniformity
  • On-board dimming
  • Spectral tuning
  • Wireless software controls
  • Waterproof, IP66 certified

The Results

An increase in yield and potency in nearly all strains was seen almost immediately after switching to EV700:

  • 101% increase in the average trim of flower/plant yield in grams for Original Sour Diesel #1
  • 97% more yield per plant gram for ACDC under the EV700 in 2018, compared to plants grown using HPS
  • Lower power consumption, better managed ambient and displaced heat
  • Advanced spectral manipulation

As measured against HPS, the EV700 delivered an average of nearly 115.51 grams of trimmed premium-grade flower production, an increase of nearly 30% in 2018.

With all other variables constant, the significant outperformance can be correlated directly to EV700’s light distribution uniformity, and the full on-board dimming and spectral tuning capabilities.

See the breakdown of HMH’s performance below.



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  1. Beaux Grobler on November 12, 2018 at 11:06 pm

    Well done. These results are incredible!!! You are definitely the leaders in LED grow lights by miles. I’m going to buy your LED’s for my grow as soon as I can afford to. Keep breaking new grounds 🙂

  2. Eric on November 29, 2018 at 3:43 am

    Looks fantastic! How long were the plants vegged for? Were they the same for both HPS and LED? Were they harvested the same time or were the LEDs ready sooner?

    • ProGrowTech on November 29, 2018 at 8:16 pm

      The typical veg cycle for HMH is 6 weeks, however, they are experimenting with shorter Veg times and higher plant counts. The LED rooms typically finish two to three days earlier, but for these data sets they were all equal flower times. Thank you for the questions!

  3. Dave on December 11, 2018 at 9:08 pm

    Hello. I’ve just become aware of your company and would like to make a suggestion or two. I have not been able to find much online marketing on your lights. From what I could find it seems like your focus is primarily on industrial applications. I think the market for small individual growers should be also be considered for marketing. Have you thought about sponsoring grows that have video updates on YouTube? Some of your competition has been doing this. Fluence immediately comes to mind. Considering your price point, specifically on the EV700 compared to their SPYDRx Plus; I, for one, would really love to see a side by side grow between the two so as to justify spending a few hundred dollars more on yours. At the very least I would love seeing a grow using just your lighting. In a couple of years I will be living in a state where it is legal to grow my own. At that time I will buy the best light that is available for a 4X4 grow space. The more information that I and others have available, the better we can make the best choice for our own needs. Thanks so much and please consider my recommendation(s). Best Regards,


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