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Case Study: Litmus Test for Advanced LED Lighting Boosts Yield While Reducing Costs for High Mountain Health

High Mountain Health (HMH) is a leading cannabis grower and dispensary faced with a common challenge:  grow consistent, high-quality crops while managing energy costs.

As a step forward, HMH switched to the higher quality, state-of-the-art Evolve Series LED lighting systems from ProGrowTech that promised to increase profitability and provide the greater control of the grow environment.

The Challenge

HMH faced challenges in generating high-yield, high-quality harvests while reducing long-term costs and increasing energy efficiency:

  • Growing several complex strains in a series of 12 bloom rooms, averaging 72 plants under 12 lights
  • Differing growth variables per room
  • Heavy reliance on high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting

 With growth challenges on a number of different strains, the team identified the dated HPS and existing LED systems as the culprits with significant spectrum limitations, making a huge impact on growth potential and energy consumption.

The Solution

HMH upgraded LED technology to ProGrowTech’s EV700, a bloom phase fixture within the highly popular Evolve Series. With enough intensity to maximize yields for the heartiest sativa strains, the industrial-grade fixture is ideal for the flowering phase, and backed by scientific research.

  • Industry-leading efficiency rating of 2.1 μmol/j
  • 700W max power (savings of 300W+ over leading HPS solutions)
  • Flawless uniformity
  • On-board dimming
  • Spectral tuning
  • Wireless software controls
  • Waterproof, IP66 certified

The Results

An increase in yield and potency in nearly all strains was seen almost immediately after switching to EV700:

  • 101% increase in the average trim of flower/plant yield in grams for Original Sour Diesel #1
  • 97% more yield per plant gram for ACDC under the EV700 in 2018, compared to plants grown using HPS
  • Lower power consumption, better managed ambient and displaced heat
  • Advanced spectral manipulation

As measured against HPS, the EV700 delivered an average of nearly 115.51 grams of trimmed premium-grade flower production, an increase of nearly 30% in 2018.

With all other variables constant, the significant outperformance can be correlated directly to EV700’s light distribution uniformity, and the full on-board dimming and spectral tuning capabilities.

See the breakdown of HMH’s performance below.





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