5 Myths About LEDs — Debunked

What’s preventing you from installing LED lights? Some might have heard LEDs are too expensive, use too much energy or aren’t adjustable. At ProGrowTech, we support making an educated decision about purchasing the best possible lighting solutions to help your grow facility reach its potential — that’s why we are here to debunk some common myths surrounding LED technology.

Myth #1: LEDs Cost Too Much to Install

This is one of the most pervasive rumors about LEDs. What’s true is LEDs do tend to be a little more expensive than more conventional HPS lighting options. However, despite the initial investment, facilities with LED lighting solutions are more economical in the long run. Through energy savings, bulb lifespan and even rebates offered by some energy companies, companies can actually save money over time. Additionally, ProGrowTech offers customers a competitive leasing program — perfect for testing out LEDs before making a long-term commitment.

Myth #2: LEDs Consume Too Much Power

Another common misconception is that LEDs consume too much energy. We don’t know exactly how this myth got started, but it’s simply untrue. The reality is quite the opposite: LEDs have revolutionized lighting technology by reducing waste and electricity usage. They use a fraction of the electricity consumed by other options. Furthermore, studies have shown LED bulbs to last around 10 times longer than fluorescent lights. LEDs are better for the environment and bank accounts.

Myth #3: LEDs Only Produce White or Blue Light, and They’re Not Bright Enough

Potential LED buyers might hesitate due to the misconception that LEDs don’t product enough of the right kind of light for their facility. Despite LEDs consuming less wattage, they still produce the same — if not more — light than other bulbs, which is measured in lumens. Once a plant is receiving the correct amount of light (lumens), growers can begin to experiment with the light spectrum. That’s right — LEDs can be programmed to produce different wavelengths of light. NASA has even utilized LEDs for this purpose.

Myth #4: LEDs Can’t Be Dimmed or Controlled

Many older technologies (including fluorescent lights) were hard to dim and frequent dimming often resulted in a shorter lifespan. Because LEDs are a constant-current source, they are easily dimmed by simply reducing the current being delivered to the diode. Best of all: dimming doesn’t affect the stability of the light itself.

ProGrowTech’s LED lighting solutions put the power in growers’ hands by providing optimal light uniformity, creating equal penetration potential at any point in the grow. Also, our LEDs are known for their spectral tuning capabilities, allowing growers to effortlessly transition from spring to summer to fall.

Myth #5: LEDs are Just Another Light

The world of lighting got a little brighter with the introduction of LEDs — in horticulture and countless other industries. LEDs are, at first glance, just another lighting option. But with more investigation, compounding benefits become more apparent. At ProGrowTech, we have developed lights that work for each unique facility through vertical racking, design consulting and adjustability. We work tirelessly to improve indoor horticulture lighting so growers can have even more control over their harvests.

LEDs are the most versatile lighting technology: whether you’re looking for industry-leading uniformity or energy efficiency, we are confident LEDs can seamlessly boost yields and quality.