Grower Profile: Britton Doig is Motivated by Plant Medicine, Energized by LEDs

Located in Maine, Britton Doig is a medical cannabis grower dedicated to growing high-quality plant medicine for patients across the state. His Instagram page (@tastebuddz420) is inspiring to say the least, with row after row of happy cannabis plants coated in sparkly trichomes. He opts to use ProGrowTech lights as they cut down on energy usage to save money — and still deliver show-stopping results.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Britton to learn more about his motivations, aspirations and how ProGrowTech has made a difference in his grow.

PROGROWTECH: Tell us about your background. How did you get into growing?

BRITTON:  When I was younger, I always spent time outside with my parents. My mom and dad always had a large garden that they were very proud of. As a kid, I would spend time outside digging up weeds, laying plastic down, setting up tomato cages and trellises, digging holes for vegetables, starting seeds and, of course, helping out with the harvest. This early introduction to gardening made me eat healthy and understand where my food comes from. 

When I was in high school, I enrolled in a horticulture class for two years.  We tended greenhouses for the local community, growing flowers, tomatoes and more. I learned how to propagate clones, and this increased my interest in horticulture. We actually learned quite a bit of science behind photosynthesis and why everything grows the way it does. 

Britton’s plants thrive under ProGrowTech EV700s. Image courtesy of Britton Doig.

PROGROWTECH: What spurred your interest in cannabis?

BRITTON: During my senior year of college, I met a girl who was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Her appetite was very thin, which meant her immune system was low. She seemed weak and almost ready to give up with the pain. Each pharmaceutical treatment and pill she tried gave her ulcers.

On the other hand, medical marijuana increased her appetite. This gave her the ability to gain energy, sleep better and didn’t result in more ulcers — and saved her from the need to get surgery. I became interested in how cannabis contributes to health and started to realize how integral cannabis was to our overall wellbeing. I realized cannabinoids were produced in our bodies naturally, that our bodies have an endocannabinoid system and these compounds help with internal homeostasis.

This newfound knowledge made me excited and confused at the same time. These same compounds, when found in the marijuana plant, were illegal?

The more I researched, the more I wanted to learn how to grow medical marijuana in Maine. It was a unique opportunity right out of college that allowed me to stay around the area and work for myself. I started with four small LEDs eight years ago. The rest is history!

PROGROWTECH: What is the most rewarding aspect of your current job?

BRITTON: Definitely seeing my friends, family and patients find relief with certain strains that I cultivate. Honestly, pain is a huge obstacle in many people’s lives. The more that we can eliminate this pain the better our lives will be. 

Walking into a lush and green garden and praying is one of the most satisfying things for me as well. I feel validated by seeing the results of the work that I put in. Of course, sometimes things go wrong, and I really have to take some extra time to get things back to where they need to be. I believe the health of your plants is a representation of you at the moment. The amount of time you put into them shows.

PROGROWTECH: What about the more challenging aspect(s)?

BRITTON: The most frustrating thing is the law. The fact is: there are many people out here truly trying to find medicine to aid their conditions, but local laws get in the way. Politics within the growing industry is obnoxious, too. Many don’t understand that there isn’t a loan you can take out from a federal bank to help start your business. It’s not like other small businesses. Also, many investors only focus on making money and lose sight of the overall quality of the medicine. There isn’t enough time in one day to run every facet of this business on the small scale these laws limit us to.  

PROGROWTECH: How have LEDs impacted your experience as a grower?

I began using LEDs eight years ago. This industry consumes a lot of water, nutrients, space and — most of all — electricity. I chose to address this early after reading articles of how inefficient cannabis setups were. I figured there would have been more limits on usage or making people be more efficient in the future, so I invested in LEDs early. 

I got a lot of shit from HPS growers, but it ended the discussion when they saw the final product that I could produce for less money! As years went on, it became more about finding the best light for maximizing yield, spectral tuning to mimic Mother Nature and overall efficiency. That’s when I found ProGrowTech lights.

Image courtesy of Britton Doig

PROGROWTECH: Why did you choose to go with ProGrowTech lights over other LED options?

BRITTON: I initially was interested in the Fluence Bioengineering lights — I loved the white color for working under. But I realized there must be other companies taking what they did and improving it. I discovered ProGrowTech and was sold on the spectral tuning, IP66-rated waterproofing and the accident-proof construction. These lights lessened the amount of HVAC and cooling needed, while maximizing every inch of coverage to my canopy. Overall, it seemed like the ProGrowTech lights are most appropriate for the commercial setting.

PROGROWTECH: What notable results have you had since installing ProGrowTech lights?

BRITTON: I use many other types of lights, but I have noticed, by far, the most control with ProGrowTech. I like the ability to gradually increase light intensity and adjust individual spectrums to get various strains to respond differently. I use less red during initial stretch for my stretchy strains — this stacks the nodes better for tighter and longer cola development later during the flowering stage. There aren’t any bleached tips, even when plants are close to the light. This lets me maximize every vertical inch of space without issues! I have also noticed my ProGrowTech room runs much cooler than my other LED room. 


We are continually inspired by growers like Britton who work every day to deliver plant medicine to their patients. The cannabis industry is ever-evolving — and we are grateful to partner with growers who prioritize energy efficiency and high-quality results as LEDs become the accepted norm.

If you want to learn more about Britton and his technique, you can follow along on Instagram.