Andrew Myers Shares Tips to Avoid Common LED Mistakes with Cannabis & Tech Today

How ProGrowTech LEDs Fit in the Movement Toward More Sustainable, Ethical Cannabis

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t able to find organic cannabis on dispensary shelves? That’s because the organic label is strictly regulated by the USDA. Because cannabis is still considered federally illegal, growers are, unfortunately, not able to call their products organic – even if they’ve grown their flower through the most environmentally sound practices.

Just because growers aren’t legally allowed to call their flower organic doesn’t mean they shouldn’t embrace safe, healthy and sustainable growing methods. Pesticides can cause serious health issues, and inhalation, still the most popular way to consume cannabis, can introduce harmful chemicals to the bloodstream if any residues are found on the product being smoked. This is especially concerning for medical patients with already weak or compromised immune systems.

In addition, the widening cannabis consumer base is increasingly aware of issues surrounding environmental impacts. They’re more likely now than ever to investigate a company’s growing practices before purchasing their products.

Cannabis Certification Council Advocates for Safety, Sustainability and Fair Trade

The good news: industry leaders have partnered to create the Cannabis Certification Council (CCC), a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing a reliable, nationwide standard that consumers recognize and trust. Andrew Myers, ProGrowTech’s founder and CEO, serves as a board member of the Cannabis Certification Council, expanding our company’s role in the movement toward greener, more transparent and more ethical practices in the industry.

This collection of cannabis leaders envisions a future for cannabis that prioritizes three primary qualities:

  • Safety: The CCC spearheaded the #whatsinmyweed campaign, demanding transparent processes for manufacturers and growers. It also brings awareness to the dangers of consuming toxic pesticides along with the importance of stringent testing to ensure product safety.
  • Sustainability: The organization also hosts the Sustainability Symposium, an annual event focusing on the latest technology, tools and methods to improve cannabis’ safety and efficiency. The symposium features some of the industry’s leading thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs presenting on environmental challenges and key waste management practices to protect both the earth and cannabis consumers. ProGrowTech is a proud sponsor of the Symposium.
  • Ethical Practices: The future of cannabis also requires a healthy, supported and happy workforce. The CCC supports cannabis businesses that exhibit workplace excellence, practice fair trade and promote employee wellbeing.

LEDs Light the Way to Cannabis’ Greener Future

A prominent aspect of the Cannabis Certification Council’s philosophy is lowering cannabis’ impact on the environment. Indoor horticulture is an energy-intensive process – and because most of our nation’s electricity is created through burning fossil fuels, growing cannabis has a hefty carbon footprint. So, what can growers do to make their operations more sustainable?

Lighting is the first place to examine. We’ve covered how LEDs save a ton of electricity on our blog before. If you’re a grower concerned about your environmental impact, but don’t want to compromise the quality of your product, investing in LEDs is a wise move. Not only will your facility reduce its carbon footprint, you’ll also save money over time, thanks to LEDs’ improved electrical efficiency.

Further, growing indoors reduces the need for toxic pesticide use, since the environment is much easier to control than at an outdoor cultivation site. In addition, LEDs can assist in preventing mold and other plant pathogens from taking hold in your crop.

Simply, LEDs are the lighting technology leading the way to a brighter, greener future for cannabis. Learn more about ProGrowTech’s LEDs.