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ProGrowTech’s Most-Read Blogs of 2019

What a year it has been! To reflect on 2019, we thought we would revisit our most popular blogs from past 12 months. Check it out:

  1. LED Vs. Fluorescent Lighting for Your Grow Operations
    Need a refresher on why LEDs are the choice light for the modern grower? We discuss how LEDs differ from fluorescent lighting technology for your indoor grow space.
  2. How Many Plants Should I Grow Under One LED Light?
    This is one of the most common questions we get from clients, so it makes sense that this post would be among the most popular. It’s a critical consideration for any grower to make, regardless of facility size or crop type.
  3. Lumens per Watt vs. Micromoles per Joule: What These Measurements Mean, and How They Influence Your Grow Facility
    You’re not the only one who is confused by jargon like lumens and joules – but they’re important terms to understand when setting up your grow facility and measuring the efficacy of your lights. We break down the definitions here.
  4. How Can Red and Infrared Light Impact Your Crop?
    This is one of our favorite blog posts. It’s full of fascinating scientific research, a handy infographic and practical application. If you missed this one when it was first published, make sure you check it out today
  5. What Type of Light do Plants Prefer?
    It’s a worthy question to ask. This post explores some of the basics when it comes to light spectrum, uniformity and photomorphogenesis.