ProGrowTech Peer Reviews Resource Innovation Institute Report on LED Best Practices for Cannabis Cultivation

ProGrowTech Peer Reviews Resource Innovation Institute Report on LED Best Practices for Cannabis Cultivation

Whether they want to reduce emissions or cut energy costs, cannabis growers often look for cost-effective ways to boost facility efficiency without sacrificing the quality of the product. Among the most popular solutions? LED grow lighting.

Mike Paine, ProGrowTech’s Senior Cultivation Consultant, provided expertise for The Research Innovation Institute’s LED Lighting for Cannabis Cultivation and Controlled Environment Agriculture Best Practices Guide, part of their Resource Efficiency Best Practices Series. The LED guide and the series help growers reduce resource usage at indoor facilities.

ProGrowTech’s approach to manufacturing aligns with the best practices mentioned in the guide. Further, our industry-leading LED lights are proven to help growers meet their efficiency goals. The report states LED lighting:

  • Saves considerable energy when compared to other lighting technologies.
  • Has lower maintenance costs and provides dimming capabilities.
  • Has a longer lifespan, with adequate photosynthetic photo flux density (PPFD) and intensity, even as the lights age.
  • Is safer; does not have glass bulbs and does not contain toxic gasses.

According to the guide, a few notable LED tips include:

  • Investigate Vertical Racking. Vertical racking is one of the best ways to take full advantage of your indoor growing space. Our LEDs are specifically designed for vertical racking, allowing growers to take advantage of cubic facility space while still maintaining quality.
  • Use Lights with Appropriate PPFD. The measure of photosynthetically active photons delivered to your plants truly demonstrates your light’s efficacy. Mounting height can affect PPFD, so you’ll want to ensure your fixtures are hung at an appropriate distance.
  • Consider Supplemental Lighting in Greenhouses. Greenhouse growers may use LEDs to provide additional light and boost plant health, particularly in cloudy or higher latitude locations.
  • Prioritize Uniformity. Premium LEDs offer another benefit beyond adjustability and efficiency: uniformity. They deliver the right amount of light to each plant, encouraging faster growth and a healthier, high-quality harvest across the board.
  • Determine an Optimized Layout. Growers should minimize wasted light through efficient space utilization – ensuring all lights are given enough PPFD, but also that employees have enough room to move between plants, trim and adjust lights as needed.

ProGrowTech is committed to a sustainable future for cannabis – and this future is built on a combination of informed policy and thoughtful business decisions. These best practices can help growers make smart decisions to benefit both the earth and their pocketbooks.