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ProGrowTech to Showcase LED Innovations as Presenting Sponsor of Arcview Investor Forum

We’re excited to announce that ProGrowTech is the presenting sponsor of Arcview Group’s International Investor Forum, to be held July 19 – 21 in San Francisco. Arcview Group brings together cannabis industry investors with the next generation of cannabis-related businesses to expand the industry worldwide. As presenting sponsor, ProGrowTech will be front-and-center at the event,…

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The People Behind ProGrowTech: Dave Spillman brings passionate environmentalism to the lighting industry

Dave Spillman considers himself obsessed with efficiency. After years as a cannabis professional, Spillman realized how much energy the cannabis industry — and indoor agriculture in general — consumes. As a self-proclaimed “tree-hugger,” he knew something had to change: the industry desperately needed to become more efficient. Spillman helped found ProGrowTech at the confluence of…

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ProGrowTech to Showcase Game-Changing LED Solutions at NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

We’re excited to announce that ProGrowTech will be exhibiting at the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo July 25-27 in San Jose, Calif. Our industry-leading Evolve Series will be on display, which offers growers optimal control with on-board dimming, spectral tuning capabilities and wireless software solutions. These LED lighting systems boast industry-leading…

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Case Study: Litmus Test for Advanced LED Lighting Boosts Yield While Reducing Costs for High Mountain Health

Faced with the constant challenge of growing consistent, high-quality crops, while managing energy costs, High Mountain Health (HMH), a leading medical cannabis grower and dispensary, switched to a higher quality, state-of-the-art LED lighting system from ProGrowTech that promised to increase profitability and provide the greatest control of variables.   The Challenges: Rapidly expanding in burgeoning…

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Lighting Temperature & Growth: How Temperature Influences Any Crop

Just as plants are ever-responsive to changing light, they are also affected by changing temperatures. Recent studies reveal that plants can “feel” temperature adjustments as little as one degree Celsius. Certain responses, such as tightly winding and unwinding DNA structures, are able to regulate the plant’s internal temperature. This survival technique has allowed hearty plants…

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What Type of Light do Plants Prefer?

Russian botanist Andrei Famintsyn first used artificial lighting for plant growth in 1868. Nearly 10 years later, he published his first Russian textbook about plant physiology, with a particular focus on plant metabolism and photosynthesis. His research paved the way for a new approach to agriculture. After Famintsyn’s work was publicized, agriculturalists recognized this potential…

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LED Lights Poised to Revolutionize Food Agriculture

The U.N. estimates the human population will exceed 9.7 billion by 2050. Industrial agriculture, which relies on fossil-fuel driven machinery and harsh chemicals, contributes to the pollution of our waterways and aquifers. Climate change only adds to and exacerbates these existing obstacles: unpredictable weather patterns, flooding and ideal conditions for fungi and bacteria to thrive.…

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Greenhouse Product News Honors Andrew Myers Among 2018 40 Under 40

ProGrowTech CEO Andrew Myers was recognized among young horticulture industry leaders nationwide in Greenhouse Product News’ annual 40 Under 40 awards. Honorees are nominated by their peers and chosen based on the exceptional contributions they have made to their companies, customers and communities to help shape the future of the horticulture industry. This year’s class…

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Andrew Myers

Andrew Myers headshot

With a track record of innovation, fortitude and frontlines experience, Andrew executes the company’s overarching vision. He is instrumental in driving operational, research and product development activities to expand the company’s footprint nationwide.

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