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How Many Plants Should I Grow Under One LED Light?

Deciding how many plants can comfortably fit under your LED lights can be a pivotal decision in designing your grow facility. When making this decision, there are a few important aspects to consider. These aspects include: the type of crop you are cultivating, their stage of growth, your light’s total output, and the amount of…

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5 Myths About LEDs — Debunked

What’s preventing you from installing LED lights? Some might have heard LEDs are too expensive, use too much energy or aren’t adjustable. At ProGrowTech, we support making an educated decision about purchasing the best possible lighting solutions to help your grow facility reach its potential — that’s why we are here to debunk some common…

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ProGrowTech Reinforces Commitment to Sustainability as Presenting Sponsor of Cannabis Sustainability Symposium

With a commitment to advancing the sustainability of cannabis grow lighting and the industry as a whole, we’re proud to announce that ProGrowTech is the presenting sponsor of the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, held October 26 in Denver, CO. Sustainability is a cornerstone of the ProGrowTech brand – we founded the company in an effort to…

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ProGrowTech to Showcase Commercial LED Solutions at California Cannabis Business Conference

Fall tradeshows are ramping up, and we’re excited to be heading to the California Cannabis Business Conference October 22-23 in Anaheim! The event focuses solely on California, the world’s largest adult-use cannabis market. We’ll be showcasing our Evolve Series LED solutions, including the new Evolve Compact. With fixtures for commercial facilities large and small, our…

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Time to Flower: How to Harness Photoperiodism for your Indoor Grow

Flowering is the most important aspect of a plant’s lifecycle, as it offers the opportunity to reproduce. In a natural environment, shortening daylight hours represents the onset of winter — some plants must reproduce then if they are to pass on genes for the following spring. Other plants respond to the lengthening hours of daylight…

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