Frequently Asked Questions

We’re confident our LED lighting systems will meet your needs. You’re welcome to contact us anytime with your questions, and we encourage you to review our Frequently Asked Questions for detailed information about the technology, specs, energy efficiency and costs.

The Lighting Systems

What are your lights made of?

  • ProGrowTech lights are made of industrial grade aluminum extrusions, which ensure they stand up to commercial horticultural operations.
  • Each of our fixtures uses 2,500 high-grade, high-efficiency LED chips—more than our competitors. This allows you to run each LED at less than its maximum output, which keeps the fixtures cooler.

What is the average yield for a ProGrowTech fixture?

  • Yield is highly dependent upon plant genetics, so we can’t provide exact numbers. Your yields should be comparable or increase a bit when you compare our EV700 light to a 1000 watt, premium HPS light.
  • Growers experience an average increase of about 40% grams/watt over HPS lighting.

How do your fixtures compare to HPS? 

  • ProGrowTech lights can give you the same or better yields and product quality while using 50% less energy than premium HPS lights. Our lights also have a lower heat signature and better uniformity compared to HPS.

Do ProGrowTech fixtures use lenses?

  • Yes. This contributes to the EV Series' IP66 rating. Lenses also provide additional protection and longevity for the diodes themselves.

What type of chips are used in ProGrowTech fixtures?

  • We use premium, high-efficacy chips from a number of manufacturers.

What drivers are used in your fixtures, and how many does each fixture have?

  • It varies by model, but generally we have one driver per channel. They are set up to be easily replaced in the rare event of a failure.

 Do ProGrowTech lights run 10v PWM for three dim channels?

  • We can work with 0-10v, DMX or PWM. Our current setup is 0-10v, but we are flexible and able to work with a variety of control systems on commercial scale installs.

How much do your fixtures weigh?

  • The EV700 weighs 38lbs, the EV560 weighs 44.8lbs, the EV360 weighs 32lbs, the EV360-C weighs 30lbs, the EV170 weighs 26lbs and the EV85 weighs 1.5lbs.
  • The Monarch 620 weighs 35lbs 2oz, the Monarch 310 weighs 25lbs and the Monarch 310-C weighs 25lbs.

Are your LEDs for the vegetative or flower stages?

  • The EV700s can be used for both the vegetative and flowering stages.

How do I know what generation my Evolve fixture is?

  • Evolve Series:
    • Generation one fixtures are non-folding, without a hinge.  
    • Generation two fixtures are foldable, with a hinge.

Using Your Lights

Are these fixtures motorized to move up and down?

  • The fixtures have mounting points and are lifted manually with cables.

How high should I hang my lights above the plant canopy?

  • For 4’x4’ light coverage, mount your lights between six and 12 inches above the canopy. For 5’x5’ light coverage, mount your lights between 15 and 18 inches above the canopy.

Wattage & Energy Efficiency

What is the micromole per joule on ProGrowTech lights? At what distance does this apply?

  • EV and Monarch lights make 2.5 µmol/j. Efficacy is not a function of distance, but intensity measured in PPFD. At 12 inches from the canopy, an array of PGT fixtures can make up to 1,150 µmol/m2/s distributed evenly across the entire canopy.

What is the efficiency rating for your lights?

  • The overall efficiency rating for ProGrowTech lights is 2.5 µmol/j. For full spectrum (white colored) lights that are IP66 and IP65 rated like ours, our efficiency is the best in the industry. We know that plants react better to full spectrum light, which is why our lights (and some of our full spectrum competitors) are getting excellent yield results.
  • Some lights that use a more “purple” spectrum (focusing on more red and blue diodes) will be rated at a higher efficiency due to red and blue photons being rated more heavily in the measurement process. This “on paper” efficiency doesn’t necessarily translate into an effective plant-growing light source, though.

What is your lumen per watt ratio and how many watts do your fixtures pull in total?

  • Our fixtures are 127 l/w overall, and up to 190 l/w at the chip level. Our fixtures max out at 680 watts.

How many amps does each model of the EV line pull?

  • This depends on the voltage. The EV700 run at 110v pulls 6.18 amps. It pulls 2.45 amps when run at 277v.

What’s the amperage for the EV700 on 240 volts? 

  • 2.83

How many BTUs do ProGrowTech fixtures consume?

  • BTUs are a function of watts consumed. To calculate BTUs, multiply each watt consumed by 3.41.

How many watts are each of your fixtures?

  • Our fixtures consume a maximum of 680 watts.

Purchasing ProGrowTech LEDs

I am interested in learning more about LED lights. Who can I speak to?

  • We would love to set up a conversation with you and our CEO or VP of product development. Email with questions and to connect with us!

Do I get a discount for purchasing multiple lights?

  • Yes. Bulk pricing starts at orders of 11 lights. Please contact us at for more information and to connect with our sales team.

Do you provide financing?

Do you offer a warranty?

  • Yes, we offer a five-year warranty for EV, and a three-year warranty for Monarch, with the option to extend to five. 

I am interested in becoming a distributor of ProGrowTech lights. Who can I speak to? 

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