Andrew Myers Breaks Down Benefits of Spectral Tuning in Cannabis & Tech Today

An expert in the intricacies of LED lighting technology, ProGrowTech CEO Andrew Myers shared insight on how growers can harness the full light spectrum to improve harvests in an article for Cannabis & Tech Today,

Andrew explained that while it is important for growers to understand the light spectrum, it is essential to have deep knowledge of how plants receive light. He notes that in nature, plants respond differently to different light qualities and quantities, taking cues from the light spectrum to adjust to changing seasons. Growers who adjust the spectrum to mimic natural seasons increase control of the final product, enabling them to custom craft their crop.

Andrew asserts that spectral tuning will revolutionize indoor horticulture, transitioning from cannabis farming to global food production. ProGrowTech is proud to be on the forefront of such innovation.

Read the full article here starting on page 94.