Andrew Myers Breaks Down the Benefits of LEDs for Greenhouses in Greenhouse Product News

ProGrowTech CEO Andrew Myers shared his take on the future of LED grow lights for indoor and greenhouse horticulture in an article for Greenhouse Product News’s September issue.

He discussed that while LEDs are most commonly found in indoor grow environments, there is great potential for them to move into greenhouses to improve the seedling stage and provide supplemental light as sunlight wanes during the fall and winter months.

Andrew noted that cannabis growers are among the early adopters of LED grow lighting solutions, relying on their energy-efficient design and spectral controls to encourage terpene development, potency and flowering. However, LEDs can be useful for facilities that grow food crops, helping to maintain energy efficiency and reduce costs as our population becomes increasingly reliant on food grown in greenhouses.

Andrew was named to Greenhouse Product News’s 2018 40 Under 40 list.

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