Andrew Myers Discusses Role of LEDs in Sustainable Food Production on The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show

As sustainability and energy efficiency take center stage for indoor growers, ProGrowTech CEO Andrew Myers shared his take on where the agriculture industry as a whole is headed – and how LED lighting plays into the future of global food production – on a recent episode of The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show.

Andrew noted that cannabis growers are among the most innovative cultivators; they try innovative strategies to boost harvests and are often first to adopt new technologies, including LED grow lighting and vertical racking. He explained that as climate change worsens, more growers will turn to LEDs and other sustainable growing techniques to continue producing healthy food to feed the world’s growing population.

He also mentioned that indoor growing allows for hyper-localized food production, eliminating food deserts, increasing harvests and improving food security.

When founding ProGrowTech, Andrew and his co-founders saw an opportunity to create LED lighting systems that benefitted not only the cannabis industry, but also the larger food production industry. The team uses their collective expertise in cultivation, lighting technology, public policy and more to continually work toward sustainable indoor agriculture.

Listen to the full episode here.