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HollyWeed™ North Cannabis, Inc. & TerraCube™ International, Inc. Select ProGrowTech as Approved Lighting Supplier for Self-contained Grow Systems, Available for Commercial and Consumer Markets

We’re proud to announce that ProGrowTech is the approved lighting supplier of Canada-based HollyWeed™ North Cannabis, Inc. and TerraCube™ International, Inc., a manufacturer of commercial, stackable cleanroom technology designed for cultivators who need maximum control of the grow environment.

TerraCube™ units allow growers to precisely regulate the internal environment. The modular units are fully automated, self-cleaning, remotely controlled and are easily scalable for large cultivation operations. ProGrowTech LED lighting takes that control one step further, with industry leading uniformity and controls that help growers maximize the quality and quantity of their harvests.

“TerraCube™ and ProGrowTech are committed to innovating in the indoor horticulture space, so this relationship was a no-brainer,” said ProGrowTech CEO Andrew Myers. “We’re proud to include our LED technology in a solution that allows growers to maximize product consistency and comply with even the most stringent industry regulations.”

TerraCube™ offers a 40-foot unit for commercial growers and an 8’X8’ MiniCube™ unit designed for home cultivation. ProGrowTech manufactures a custom lighting solution for TerraCube™ units that is based on the Evolve Series fixtures. The 40-foot unit houses the equivalent of 12 EV700 fixtures.

TerraCube™ units are available on a monthly lease basis, which reduces the startup capital needed for smaller operations and allows larger, commercial operations to scale effectively.

Learn more about TerraCube here.