Monarch Launch

Introducing Monarch: Affordable, Industrial-Grade LED Fixtures for Any Grower

After much anticipation, our newest product line has landed! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Monarcha competitively priced LED product line that integrates with any type of indoor grow, from home hobbyist to large-scale commercial operations.  

 Monarch delivers an unmatched combination of leading-edge tech and affordabilitymaking it ideal for the widest range of cultivators seeking to exponentially increase profitability, crop yields and energy efficiency 

“Increasingly, growers are looking for quality products that offer maximum flexibility in both capabilities and pricing without compromising quality,” said ProGrowTech CEO Andrew Myers. “We have been working closely with engineers and growers to bring together best-in-class performance with right-sized product capabilities that appeal to almost every grower.” 

 Featuring an advanced light spectrum that includes far red light, the Monarch line’s three fixtures – Monarch 310Monarch 310C and Monarch 620 – provide optimal light intensity for vegetative or flowering stages, promoting consistent, high-quality plant growth in indoor environments.   

 With a 2.5 µmol/J efficiency rating, 4’x4’ and 2’x4’ coverage areas and vertical racking capabilities, Monarch outperforms the competition when it comes to technology, quality, output, power and especially affordability. Key features include: 

  • Advanced Spectrum with Far Red: Monarch’s spectrum is designed to penetrate dense upper canopies to support deep growth on lower branches of plants. Plus, the use of infrared (IR) light reduces the time a plant needs to flower and increases its growth rate. Plants exposed to IR wavelengths tend to have more robust vegetative growth compared to those not exposed to light in this spectrum.  
  • Uniformity: ProGrowTech’s signature uniformity eliminates hot spots for an even distribution of light across the canopy. 
  • Tempered Glass LED Chip Cover: This superior LED chip cover is durable, long-lasting, chemical resistant, easy to clean and doesn’t filter any spectrum. 

Additional features include remote-mountable drivers, manual on-board dimming, IP65 waterproof rating and a collapsible frame for easy transport.  

To download detailed specs or purchase Monarch fixtures, visit growmonarch.comTo inquire about pricing, bulk orders or commercial consultations, contact us at or (888) 430-7675.