ProGrowTech LEDs Help Flagstaff Dispensary Earn “Best in State” Award from Leafly

Growers using ProGrowTech lights to maximize their quality and yield are getting noticed! High Mountain Health (HMH), a commercial grow operation and dispensary in Flagstaff, Ariz., was recognized in Leafly’s 2018 Best in State awards, earning a spot as the Best Boutique Dispensary.

HMH uses the Evolve Series LED lighting systems in its grow rooms to increase yields and crop quality while keeping costs and energy usage low. The ProGrowTech team has been heavily involved in the facility’s design and testing of the latest cultivation strategies.

In addition to using the best lights in the industry, HMH runs a 100% pesticide-free facility, using ladybugs to keep pests under control. The facility also has soil recycling and conscious water preservation measures in place to help reduce waste and maintain a sustainable operation.

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