Remaining Competitive: Andrew Myers Shares Tips with National Cannabis Industry Association to Maintain Crop Quality, Save Money

As the cannabis industry continues to expand at a breakneck pace, growers must get creative to stay competitive and make a profit. ProGrowTech CEO Andrew Myers shared strategies to boost crop yields and quality while remaining mindful of space – and costs – in an article for the National Cannabis Industry Association’s (NCIA) blog.

Andrew shared three questions growers should ask when determining how to reduce costs. He encouraged growers to assess their grow lighting to determine if it they are maximizing efficiency, durability and heat management capabilities. Andrew notes that choosing the right lighting can set a grow up to be vertically racked. When combined with movable benches, growers can make every inch count.

He also recommends trying new, advanced growing techniques, such as tissue culture cultivation and the flower-in-place method.

ProGrowTech is a member of the NCIA, which works to promote the growth of the legal cannabis industry in the United States, engaging in numerous education and advocacy projects each year

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