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Helping Commercial Horticulture and Food Production Operations Increase Profitability


ProGrowTech helps commercial horticulture and food production operations increase profitability, yield and energy efficiency with industry-leading LED lighting systems.

With deep roots in the horticulture and lighting industries, we understand the challenges growers face when they need to generate high-yield, high-quality harvests while reducing long-term costs and maintaining an energy-efficient operation.

With customizable specifications, flawless uniformity, integrated sensing and wireless technology, we provide growers overseeing operations of all sizes with greater peace mind. They can rest assured that they have the best, scientifically backed technology working for them.

Our state-of-the-art lighting solutions extend beyond the technology itself – we also offer unparalleled, ongoing support to help our customers maximize their harvests and operations, such as guidance with the design and installation phases, or assistance with advanced growing techniques.

Learn Who We Are, What We Do and Why We Do It

Meet the Team

Andrew Myers headshot

Andrew Myers

Co-Founder, CEO

With a track record of innovation, fortitude and frontlines experience, Andrew executes the company’s overarching vision. He is instrumental in driving operational, research and product development activities to expand the company’s footprint nationwide.

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Ron Hurle

Chief Operations Officer

With more than 25 years of experience guiding technology organizations through transformative growth, Ron Hurle serves as Chief Operations Officer at ProGrowTech. A seasoned executive and collaborative leader, he oversees day-to-day operations and ensures the company has optimal processes in place to meet increasing customer demand and drive sustainable expansion.

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Thos Gibson

Vice President, Sales

As Vice President of Sales for ProGrowTech, Thos Gibson oversees sales, distribution channels, strategic partnerships, representative network development and sales implementation activities.

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Joe Visintainer headshot

Joe Visintainer

Co-Founder, Senior Vice President

As one of the co-founders of ProGrowTech, Joe Visintainer serves as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. In this role, Joe focuses on direct sales, strategic partnerships and sales implementation activities that help clients increase profitability, yield and energy efficiency with the industry’s leading LED lighting systems.

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Dave Spillman headshot

Dave Spillman

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Dave Spillman serves as a Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer. He nurtures the company’s relationships with its many valued clients, helps guide lighting system designs and technology integration, and supports research and development.

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Giulia Valluzzi

Director, Commercial Sales

Known for her forward-thinking approach and people-first attitude, Giulia Valluzzi serves as ProGrowTech’s Director of Commercial Sales. She is critical in securing key growth opportunities, engaging with new customers, maintaining existing relationships and upholding ProGrowTech’s excellent customer service standards.

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David Inman headshot

Dave Inman

Co-Founder, Director of Specifications

A lighting industry veteran with more than 20 years’ experience, Dave provides technical support to the company’s engineering teams for product development, and executes custom, facility-specific lighting designs for clients.

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Tom Dietrich

Head of Legal

Tom Dietrich serves as ProGrowTech’s Head of Legal, playing a critical role in guiding the company through legal negotiations, contracts, product roll-outsand opportunities as it gains market shareand expands nationally in the cannabis space.

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Melissa Diaz profile headshot

Melissa Diaz

CPA, Controller

Melissa Diaz is the co-owner of High Rock Accounting, an accounting firm led by two female entrepreneurs specializing in helping startup, small- and mid-sized companies grow.

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Andrea Aker

Director of Marketing

Andrea Aker is the founder of Aker Ink, a PR and marketing communications firm specializing B2B growth industries and professional services. Her creativity and keen business sense have helped companies nationwide break barriers, engage with new audiences and exceed business development goals.

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Fanjin Jia

Product Manager

As Product Manager for ProGrowTech, Jin Jia oversees LED fixture design, deftly coordinating and managing manufacturing processes to ultimately provide more value to customers. He helps bring ProGrowTech’s innovative lighting solutions into reality, seeking supply solutions to optimize cost, value and operational efficiency while supporting rapid product development.

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Mike Paine

Senior Cultivation Consultant

 As the Senior Cultivation Consultant at ProGrowTech, Mike Paine offers expert recommendations to a wide range of LED growers, specializing in system integration and validation in controlled environments. He possesses a deep understanding of the innovative technologies poised to revolutionize cannabis and food production.

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