Our Difference

ProGrowTech is on the cutting-edge of LED lighting systems created specifically for horticultural use. As lighting pioneers, we embraced, developed and continue to refine LED technologies to help plant-growing operations generate high-yield, high-quality harvests while reducing long-term costs and maintaining energy efficiency.

The Next Generation of Horticulture Lighting

The old way of lighting commercial growing operations – via high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting and dated LED systems – has since been proven inefficient and expensive, requiring energy-intensive workarounds that sacrifice a harvest’s quality while preventing expansion efforts.

We offer commercial growers a new way – helping them double their canopy space within existing amperage thresholds just by switching from HPS. LED lighting allows you to run an energy-efficient operation while increasing your yields. You don’t have to compromise. Our lighting systems cut utility bills in half while delivering 25% more light to the plant canopy than the most powerful, double-ended HPS.

Revolutionizing the industry, we confidently stand out among HPS and other LED competitors in these key areas:


Our LED lighting solutions are industrially built and backed by scientific research to ensure reliability and consistency for large-scale operations. Plus, all lighting systems are 100-percent waterproof (IP66 Certified), giving growers greater peace of mind when it comes to electrical hazards and the need for extra precautions.


Through the latest technological advances and frontline experiences, we developed LED lighting systems that incorporate on-board dimming and spectral tuning capabilities, which are designed to provide the ideal amount of light and most efficient power usage at each critical phase of growth from seedling to vegetative to flowering.

For a successful large-scale growing facility, uniformity cannot be compromised. Our lighting systems and solutions are engineered to create even light distribution to plant canopies, creating an environment for consistent growth that smaller and less sophisticated lighting units simply cannot deliver. Our flawless uniformity also enables vertically racked systems to perform optimally.

Creating the most advanced LED lighting systems also includes putting ultimate control in growers’ hands. In 2018, ProGrowTech will launch Bluetooth wireless technology and smart software solutions, which will give growers full control of their lighting options remotely, 24/7/365.


We are a long-term, trusted partner to our clients with all levels of experience, providing 1:1 service and support.

With the philosophy that our success is rooted in our clients’ successes, we assist commercial growing operations of all types and sizes with essential facets of operation, such as designing energy- and growth-efficient lighting layouts and production process consultation.

We’re in it with you.