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Evolve Series

LED Lighting Systems for Indoor Horticulture

The horticulture industry’s most powerful and energy efficient LED solution is about to get even better. Our Evolve Series 2.0 is set to be released very soon! It will feature four customizable options that fit various racking sizes, each with our signature uniformity, vertical racking capabilities, on-board dimming and special tuning.

Be among the first growers with access to Evolve 2.0. Simply contact us to request notification of the official release.

Bloom Phase: Evolve EV700

Evolve EV700 is the true HPS killer, outperforming the highest end solutions. With enough intensity to maximize yields for the heartiest sativa strains, the industrial-grade EV700 is the ultimate fixture for the flowering phase, enabling cannabis producers to increase yield, quality and energy efficiency.

Coming Soon

Vegetative Phase: Evolve EV360

Evolve EV360 is a lower-powered and more cost-effective version of our bloom-phase fixture, EV700, with the addition of phase-specific light intensity for vegetative growth. It offers plenty of intensity for optimal internodal placement, root development and plant stretch control.

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Clone Phase: Evolve EV155

Evolve EV155 is a lower intensity LED fixture with more blue emphasis in the spectrum, making it ideal for the clone phase. It’s an excellent energy-efficient replacement of fluorescent or other clone light technologies, and is specially designed for vertical stacking in tight spaces.

Coming Soon

Small Form Factor: Evolve Compact

Ships in 10 to 12 weeks.

Evolve Compact is designed specifically for home cultivators. Featuring the same industrial, energy-efficient features as our commercial fixtures, the Evolve Compact’s smaller frame helps you maximize small growing spaces and improve the quality and quantity of your harvests.

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