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Quick Facts

  • Director of Cultivation, ProGrowTech
  • 20+ years of experience in indoor and greenhouse cultivation
  • Assists with technical aspects of cultivation, including Integrated Pest Management, commercial automation, and facility buildout
  • Former National Cultivation Director, MPX Bioceutical

Brent Salazar

Director of Cultivation

With more than 20 years of cultivation experience, Brent Salazar serves as Director of Cultivation at ProGrowTech. He lends his knowledge to commercial growers using ProGrowTech LED lighting systems, assisting with the technical aspects of cultivation and visiting growers’ facilities to ensure they are maximizing the benefits of the technology.

Brent has specialized in indoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivation since 2011, designing and building facilities that optimize workflow, utilize industrial automation and account for local regulations to maximize ROI. An expert in Integrated Pest Management, Brent helps commercial cultivation facilities identify and resolve pest and mold issues. He also assists with the development of standard operating procedures from cloning through the sale of a product.

Brent worked in hydroponic greenhouse cultivation for more than 10 years before transitioning to the cannabis industry. Most recently, he served as National Director of Cultivation for MPX Bioceutical, a multinational company focused on the medical and adult-use cannabis marketsthat produces more than 1.2 million grams of cannabis concentrates each year.

Brent also worked with the National Science Foundation in Antarctica, spending 102 days at the McMurdo Station South Pole Food Growth Chamber. He also worked at EPCOT at Walt Disney World, growing 70 different crops in a five-acre facility that housed multiple ecosystems for 13 months.

Brent earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Technology Management with an emphasis in Controlled Environment Agriculture from the University of Arizona.