David Inman headshot

Quick Facts

  • Co-Founder and Director of Specifications, ProGrowTech
  • 20+ years of experience in commercial/industrial lighting
  • Expertise in developing customized lighting designs for horticulture and cannabis operations
  • Trains team members on new product trends and technologies within the energy efficient lighting sector
  • Founder, Inman Energy, which brings energy stewardship to cannabis industry
  • Host, “State of Cannabis” podcast

Dave Inman

Co-Founder, Director of Specifications

Dave Inman is a co-founder and Director of Specifications for ProGrowTech. He provides technical support to the company’s engineering teams for product development, and executes custom, facility-specific lighting designs for clients. This includes providing photometric layouts and comparative studies, as well as design assistance for architects and engineers.

A veteran of the lighting industry with more than two decades of experience within the commercial/industrial space, Dave does more than providing customers with quotes for their projects. He works closely with them to analyze costs specific to total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI), while also monitoring and capitalizing on various utility rebates, tax credits and grants. A trusted resource to many ProGrowTech clients, Dave understands the customer mindset and helps them capitalize on key opportunities, while adapting to an ever-changing dynamic market. His thoughtful and detail-oriented approach to lighting design has reduced more than 1.4 billion kWh from the grid and saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars in energy and maintenance-avoided costs.

Dave helps ProGrowTech not only maintain its position as creator of the first industrial-grade lighting tool specifically designed for horticultural use, but press forward with the evolution of LED lighting technology. His work is rooted in researching and assessing new products for merit and application viability based on technical data, independent testing and application field testing.

An innovator in the lighting design field, his experience is far-reaching and has included work for several national retail chains, historic landmarks, municipalities, and K-12 schools and universities.

Seeing the potential to empower and educate growers, Dave also founded Inman Energy in 2013 with the intent to bring energy stewardship to cannabis. He also hosts “State of Cannabis,” a podcast that focuses on removing the stigma and stereotypes associated with cannabis, on Cannabis Radio, the premier online podcast radio destination for all things cannabis.