Quick Facts

  • Product Manager, ProGrowTech
  • Specializes in product design, supply chain, manufacturing and international trade
  • Founder, Columbia Biosciences
  • Founder, Fycket
  • Manager, Morgan Holdings, Inc.
  • Product Manager, CamFi

Fanjin Jia

Product Manager

As Product Manager for ProGrowTech, Jin Jia oversees LED fixture design, deftly coordinating and managing manufacturing processes to ultimately provide more value to customers. He helps bring ProGrowTech’s innovative lighting solutions into reality, seeking supply solutions to optimize cost, value and operational efficiency while supporting rapid product development.

With experience in international trade and the automobile industry, Jin specializes in supply chain, product design and manufacturing.

In addition to his role at ProGrowTech, Jin is also the Founder of Columbia Biosciences, a cannabis producer, and Fycket, an app which helps drivers fight unfair traffic tickets. He previously served as a Product Manager for CamFi, which manufactures wireless controls for cameras, and a Manager for Morgan Holdings, Inc., a leading luxury automobile exporter.